Premature Ejaculation Treatments

Premature Ejacultion doesn't have to define your sex life. Whether you are experiencing any form of P.E or not, these tips can enhance your lovemaking skills
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Dear Mike,

Thank you for your heartfelt question. As a man myself I know exactly what it feels like when we feel we can’t satisfy our partner.  The good news is that most men can overcome this shortfall, and rebuild their confidence with the right premature ejaculation treatment.  

Did you know statistics indicate that between 30 and 40% of men experience a degree of premature ejaculation at some point in their life? You are not alone! It’s not an uncommon occurrence and can be treated and managed with a multi-focused solution based on individual needs. 

What is normal for men when it comes to making love or having wild rockstar sex? I found an interesting study that suggested men in certain countries last longer than in other countries! This leads me to believe that there are a lot of different factors at play in how we perform during sex.

Most men want a magic number on how long they should last. I generally ask my clients about their own time-based performance, and many have a vague idea and rarely know how long they last. Trust me, most men tend to exaggerate their sexual prowess in the bedroom when talking about it to other mates! The truth is that the average session of sex does not last as long as most people think.

It is important to not compare yourself to what you hear, as this causes anxiety and emotional stress. 

Did you know not all women require marathon sex? In fact, a lot of women are happy with the duration and can feel completely satisfied if there are other positive factors, such as prolonged foreplay and emotional connection.


What is premature ejaculation anyway? 


Let’s talk about some of the challenges before exploring premature ejaculation solutions.

Premature ejaculation happens when individuals ejaculate before their partner would like. It can happen before or shortly after penetration.   An individual who has an orgasm and ejaculates before they desire to will lose their erection and usually not be able to continue with intercourse. This may result in their partner feeling unsatisfied and leave the individual feeling frustrated and embarrassed. If it continues, it can create mental and emotional stress and a lack of sexual confidence.  In the long run, it may even damage relationships with intimate partners.


What causes premature ejaculation?


A combination of both physical and emotional factors can lead to premature ejaculation. The penis could be naturally sensitive and or experience too much excitement prior to intercourse.  One could also be nervous or uncomfortable with a new partner.  Other factors such as depression, hyperthyroidism, enlarged, prostate, anxiety, and stress can also lead to it.  


A noteworthy mention is that porn may play a pivotal role in conditioning an individual’s body to premature ejaculate. Men generally masturbate to porn. As a result, they are conditioning the nervous system to ejaculate based on their masturbation habits which are normally hard and fast. There could be psychological issues as well such as anxiety, low self-esteem, and other related issues. 


Premature Ejaculation Solutions

Premature ejaculation treatments can be quite successful. Normally a change in behavior and mindset on how one approaches sex can help ease the symptoms and work to prevent it. 


As a Somatic Sexologist working here in South Africa, I help men with P.E. (premature ejaculation ) by creating a tailored solution based on their emotional and physical assessments.  Somatics means how we perceive our bodies within.  We learn to let go of how things should be and learn to just notice and accept what’s going on at the time. This helps create a mind-body connection which will reduce the anxiety and pressure of performing.  This internal sense of self creates a  base to teach our nervous system to relax as we become more aroused. Our nervous system is responsible for the ejaculatory response.  The more we can relax in our arousal, the more we can delay the ejaculation response

Here is Moes Story

Moe (alias name) booked an appointment with me in regard to physical intimacy with his wife. They were both unsatisfied with their sex life. Moe felt he wasn’t satisfying his wife because he had P.E. We had an interesting conversation around his processes in lovemaking. His answers were the usual,  including a little bit of kissing, some stimulation of the breasts, and maybe some vulva (the entire region of the female genitals) stimulation. He would then proceed to have intercourse.  His premature ejaculation -treatment revolved around redefining his relationship with his wife, learning how the arousal process worked within him and generally with women, and together with a series of exercises to help him build more stamina in bed to take him from zero to hero.  

Whether you are experiencing any form of P.E or not, these tips can enhance your lovemaking skills and create a more meaningful relationship with your partner. 

3 Premature Ejaculation Treatment Tips

1) Anaesthetic creams

Over the counter anaesthetic creams will help with sensitivity and they are inexpensive.  You may need to experiment with the correct dosage to get that perfect balance.  Practice a few times to get a feel of what the right dosage application for your needs is. Too much cream may result in a lack of an erection. Too little may not help with the sensitivity. Coupling the anaesthetic cream with a condom could serve to be favorable.


2) Healthy lifestyle

Being physically and mentally fit can help in all areas of your life. Eating a balanced diet that consists of whole plant foods, combined with physically being in shape is good for blood circulation, erections and lasting longer in bed.  Strength Training has been shown to increase testosterone naturally. 


3) Conscious breathing

Your breath can speed up ejaculation or slow it down.  Learn to breathe slowly and deeply into the belly. By breathing slowly and deeply you are inviting more relaxation within the body which may delay ejaculation.  Breathing is one of the main techniques I teach as part of the Premature Ejaculation Solutions program.


I always say, “Through Pleasure, We Heal”. 

Embody your success in life and in the bedroom. Be present on the journey and let go of chasing the destination. You can and will reach it in the most playful of ways. It is just a matter of changing perspective. 


If you like to schedule a One on One deep dive into your own tailored solution on moving past your symptoms to epic sex and great Orgasms you can book your discovery call here.


Zakir Mahomedy 

Premature Ejaculation Treatments South Africa


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