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Somatic Sensory Sexology




Feeling closed off?

Pain, numbness or trauma keeping you sucked from experiencing meaningful relationships.  Is emotional or physical pain ruling over your deepest desires for mind-blowing intimacy?

Take simple and manageable steps that recreate trust and find openings that allow you to truly feel the freedom that we all desire

People Pleaser
Personal Pleasure

Freedom to be me! 

Is the phrase I hear all the time. Whoever told you that everything you want is out there in the world or in some other person or in some other job, lied. It is not something someone else can give you, it’s right there inside of you.


Discover what’s great about you, what makes you hot, it’s not an intellectual experience, it’s something you feel in your body.

A deep knowing, of your own deliciousness, your desirability.

Finding the fun is where you find your confidence, the source of your power to connect you to your deepest desires and longings

Get Back In

Zero To Rockstar

Performance anxiety getting you limp?  In the dog house because you are from Mars and she is From Venus? Nice guys finish last syndrome?    

Unlock your full masculinity and arrive with confidence.

Energy Os

Vanilla to  Chocolate

Orgasmless, lackluster sex to electricity flowing through your veins. Never experienced an Orgasm?


Awaken the inner subtle energies and discover expanded states of awareness. Experience moments of bliss states that will expand you into the orgasmic sex life that you dream about. With or without a partner!


Union For Ever

Sex can be completely different from when you were dating. Back then sex was intense and exciting.  But what happened when the flames fizzle?


Respect, friendship, and understanding each other’s needs is the gateway to intimacy. 

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