Hi Im Zakir!

Im the founder of Somatic Sensory Sexology.

My system is a Whole Body approach to health, providing an 

extensive and holistic approach to finding solutions and 

supporting the lifestyle changes that allow my clients to thrive.  

I am here to guide you back to your fullest, most brilliant self

 on a path of love and celebration and outrageously

 amazing pleasure.


My own personal growth and learning never stops.  

I continue to expand my skills by increasing my knowledge so that I can  bring my unique skill sets to the public and facilitate exceptional healing!

emotionally detached

How I Got Here?

I realized that, like many others, I let my life just kind of happen. I completed my BSC , not knowing what I really wanted to do with my life. I have ran a successful business for the last 15 years. yet all the while I had my own demons, a lifetime of personal struggles, as well as aspects of my self-image that stood in the way of accomplishing anything more .

Prior to my own journey of self rediscovery, I had various challenges in regarding my own relationships, that almost ended disastrously, with plenty of heartache that needed to be mended. I started to experience another challenge in my life. I was locked down sensually and sexually, lacking feeling and sensations of any sorts. My joy for life was slowly being eroded and all that was left was an empty shell of myself. The pressures of living in the modern age left me in severe depression, as a result I was on extensive medication for it.

I was also addicted to various forms of stimuli to escape until one day I had a breakdown that forced me to re-evaluate my purpose. In the early 2000’s I was introduced to an alternative energy healer who slowly unlocked my mind and started the wheels of change within me.

I have been actively studying and practicing different forms of healing arts for my personal, physical, mental and spiritual growth. Over the last 10 years, as I continued to go deeper into my own transformation, I have been seeking out the best methods and systems to enhance the experience of ecstasy and pleasure in the body. Thus removing stubborn beliefs as well as emotional and energetic blockages.

When we feel good about ourselves, we send out positive “vibes” that are appealing to healthier potential partners.

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