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Unwanted, Unworthy and Unfulfilled


These are the phrases I hear all the time

What happens when ALL the money, achievements and pretty things in the world don’t fill the emptiness inside and it’s not just gonna go away one day just because there’s a new distraction with all the shiny things around.

Taboo's Pattern - Break shame Build trust

When we’re not encouraged and it’s taboo to not speak about sex, orgasms, and all the feel-good hormones that come with the absolute indulgent ecstacy of great sexual experiences or all the things that we think are wrong with us when we can’t reach those levels of intimacy with ourselves or with others.


Typically we're not encouraged...


Hi, I'm Zakir

Welcome to
Somatic Sensory Sexology.

Over the last 15 years, studying the science of sexuality, intimacy and Tantra, I’ve acquired an extensive list of Integrative Certifications, Practices and I’ve developed a unique blend of Strategies to experience incredible intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

I learned to transform my numbness and pain, anxiety and shame around my own sexuality that allowed me to experience deeper sensations of bliss, pleasure, and love. 

My goal is to be able to share this with others and see my client’s lives enlivened with ecstasy and not only in the bedroom. 

It began with my own

It began with my own vulnerable struggle to find a solution to my own mental, emotional and sexual performance issues, which Western Medicine didn’t have the answers for, I still remember… 

I still remember a few distinct memories of how empty I felt from in my mid 20s, feeling “closed off”, not being able to communicate my frustrations because of the shame around sexuality.

Nobody in my community or circles talked about sexual health and empowerment and when I did reach out to doctors, they weren’t sure themselves how to help. I was given a DVD from a psychologist that was made in the 80s and proved uneventful.

I tried pills, injections, and other herbal remedies that had minimal long term results. Most of it was a waste of my money and time!

This search lead to a journey of inner exploration and ultimately changed my life and career path completely.

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Discover the Rebirth Experience


Step by Step Process Personal To You

My unique skill set includes knowledge and practice in Traditional Tantra, Somatic Sexological Bodywork, Trauma Release, De-Armoring, Chinese Energy Medicine, QiGong, and other tools and sacred knowledge that I’ve combined and custom curated called 


That makes space for exceptional transformation and rapid results for my clients.

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Meet Sofia

"lf I could have that everyday...!"

Sofia WhatsApped me asking me one simple question, Can I help her with her condition of painful sex (dyspareunia). She has been to a few gynecologists who couldn’t find anything wrong with her physically and suggested numbing agents to help cope with the pain. 

Lives Enlivened

“I needed help with dealing with years of emotions, that I swept under the rug because I thought that was the best way to live…!”
Nosi, Durban South Africa

Taking That First Step

I’ve created Somatic Sensory Sexology, which follows the trajectory and healing process at your own pace and comfort level.

When dealing with the most taboo subject on the planet,  acknowledging what we truly desire and owning it is the first step to experience multiple orgasms,  and experience radical sex with your partner.


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